Isai (music), there is no one in this world without music.
Even there is music in every silence.
For me it is everything and whatever mood we may be in, that is also music.
Happy, sad, anger, frustration, opari, everything is music.
Sometimes it makes us positive, negative, silent, noise, sad, break, love, cheers, fun, etc… Here one small tribute to all in the universe.

Here I tried to show isai in Tamizh used music notes hope you can see the இசை(isai) 😊 in text form

It’s a long pending work and yes I completed it today😊 First I thank google, without you I don’t know how I would’ve developed my knowledge. If I want to know about something, I will look for you only.

You are also a part of my career life which made me a good artist, designer, typographer, calligrapher, photographer, and tattoo designer. Still, I’m a learner, learning and searching in google only.

I am very much honored to you. I did one small typography in Tamizh & English which is 2 in 1 and hope you all like it.

Thank you, Google

Great Minds discuss Ideas… Average mind discuss events…Young Minds discuss People and that’s the art of being creative!

IMAGE SALEM — branch of IMAGE infotainment ltd, Salem invited Jack Anto, Design Chief at Report Bee & Founder of Madrasters and me an active contributor of Madrasters & Visual Designer at…

Artist six

Hi! This is Vinoth Kumar, Artist, Visual and Graphic Designer from Chennai, India. I specialise in Paintings, Graphic Design , Photography & Typography

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